Beware of "Green Gas Cans" - green isn't always great

February 26, 2014 Steven Fine

It’s amazing the level of fire activity that can be attributed to one of the most common landscape plants in the Truckee Meadows… The Ornamental Juniper. Extremely flammable and extremely popular, these plants really need to be eliminated from any new landscape project. And if you’re like thousands of home owners across northern Nevada, you should begin planning on completely removing these hazardous shrubs before it’s too late.


We just ran into the Reno Gazette-Journal article (this is a cached version, PDF version, another PDF about the late Topaz Fire) that clearly outlines the hazards and solutions if you wish to keep the shrubs near your home.


Junipers are a valuable plant in Nevada landscapes, but they can also be fire hazard. Locate junipers at least 30 feet from the home and keep them healthy and well maintained.


The city of Reno sponsored a program to JUNK YOUR JUNIPER earlier in the year. And for good reason. According to Ed Smith, natural resource specialist with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension,

Junipers possess just about every bad fuel attribute from a wildland fire standpoint.

If you have a concern about the density or placement of the junipers near your property or residence, have us come out for a free consultation on efficient and price-sensitive options. Our teams are nationally recognized Certified Landscape Technicians (CLT) who can give you professional and sound advice on your next steps.


Our construction team can take it a step further and help you build your dream yard – safe from hazards and beautiful for your family and friends.


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