Top 10 pitfalls for do-it-yourself landscaping

February 26, 2014 Steven Fine

We just read a great article from David Beaulieu on highlighting the top 10 pitfalls do-it-yourselfers find when planning their next landscape project. Take a look and tell us what you think. Read below for a snapshot of what he said:


1. Piecemeal Planting: Failure to Have a Plan

"Try at least to sketch a rough plan for one large area of your yard, and put all your energy into implementing that plan this year."


2. Having a Lawn Just Because "Everyone Else Does It"

"it's important to know that other acceptable options exist, especially for small spaces"


3. Insufficient Fall Color in Your Home Landscape Design

"the fall season holds enormous promise for those landscaping enthusiasts willing to plan for it"

4. Lack of Winter Interest in Your Home Landscape Design

"it is precisely in wintertime that we most need a yard decor that will bring us cheer"


5. Failure to Irrigate

"Just install an automatic irrigation system in your home landscape design."

6. Planting on a Hillside Prone to Erosion

"Build a retaining wall first, then do your planting afterwards."

7. Failure to Work With What You Have


"it's better to go with the flow and work with what you have"


8. Failure to Incorporate Deer-Resistant Plants in Your Home Landscape Design

"deer can make a snack of your plants quicker than you can say, "Bambi goes to market.""

9. You Never Get Anything Done in the Yard Because Tools Are Never Handy

"The surest way to get little done in the yard is to realize you need a tool"


10. Forgetting Functionality in Home Landscape Design

"Functionality ... takes precedence over aesthetics."