Frequently Asked Questions

So... you've never purchased lawncare over the web before? We hear you! 

We think you've landed on a pretty simple, quick and convenient way to green up your lawn without the hassle of phones, callbacks or lost calls. The questions below should help you solve some of the most common questions concerning your lawn care purchase.

How do I measure my lawn's square feet?

"Square Footage Guestimator"

ESTIMATE YOUR LAWN SIZE... The "Guestimate" mow pricing is dictated by lawn square-footage.

So...How do you measure something complex like the Square Feet of your turf area?
Your best way to visualize is to ask yourself…"can my lawn fit inside my house?"
If the answer is yes, then give us the general Square Feet of your house. Most homes average around 1,500 to 2,500 sqft. 
If you’re off a bit, no problem, we understand. Our crews will come out and service your property based on the number provided. If it’s above your 'guestimate' we'll add an slight additional cost if it's over 1,500 sqft next month. We wouldn't think of charging you for a bad guess. How’s that for easy?

What day will my lawn be mowed?

What are my service days?

What day will my lawn be mowed?
What are my service days?

89431, 89432, 89434, 89435, 89436, 89441 MONDAY 
ALL Addresses
89501, 89502, 89503, 89504, 89505, 89506, 89507 TUESDAY 
ODD Address Only

 Address Only
89509, 89510, 89511, 89512, 89513, 89515, 89519, 89520, 89521, 89523

ODD Address Only

EVEN Address Only


I have special instructions for your crews...

How do I tell you about the dog in the yard, a locked gate, neighborhood gate needs entry code, don't prune the Begonias, etc..
After you're finished with shopping and click to finalize your purchase, you'll have a chance to enter all the additional information you need in a large form field. This information will follow your order to our customer service team and they'll make sure our crews take notice of your requests.

I don't have a PayPal account, can I still order?

Absolutely! PalPal is the worlds most sophisticated - and easiest method for online payment. That means, if you want to purchase our services without setting up a PayPal account, no problem. They accept payments by credit card or debit card.
And if you want to create an account, during sign up, you can link your debit card or credit card to your PayPal account. . For your protection, your personal financial information is stored securely with PayPal and never shared with the Signature Landscapes.

I would like to spread my payment over multiple months, can I do this?

Do you want to buy now and pay later? Now you can choose Bill Me Later to pay for your PayPal purchases and have flexibility when you pay your bill. Details at time of your PayPal purchase.

What is Bill Me Later?

A new way to pay for your PayPal purchases
It's fast and easy - no credit card to enter and approval just takes seconds
Your purchases ship to you now and the bill comes later
All of your purchases will appear on one bill whether you buy electronics, home goods, apparel, or other items
It's safe - you're covered with "Zero Fraud Liability" Protection

I'm a current customer, can I renew my service online?

Sure thing. Just pick and choose the services you want and we'll attach them to your account. You won't be able to see your past order history on your Signature Landscapes Shopping Account, however. Just the new products you've ordered online. Simply call (775) 827-5296 for more information.

What are the benefits of ordering your service online?

  • Quick & easy service ordering.
  • Secure payments through PayPal.
  • Bill Me Later - payment programs.
  • 5% discount on all orders.
  • Online only sales and special discount offers.
  • No-hassle customer service - order what you want on your own time!